Street Design Guide


This document aims to assist designers, developers, authorities and stakeholders in the design, planning, delivery and maintenance of streets, roads, movement and service links within the City of Nottingham.

This guide will be available from the 1st June 2019

Download the PDF Guide to Street Guide here

What this guide covers:

  • Placemaking

  • Good Structure and Connections

  • Walkability

  • Inclusivity, Safety and Health

  • Well Defined, Dinstinctive Streets & Spaces

  • Materials and Detail

  • Car Parking

  • Drainage, Trees & Services

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Design Quality Framework – Streets Design Guide

The Guide at Glance

Screen shot 2019-03-19 at 14.03.05.png
Screen shot 2019-03-19 at 14.01.48.png
Screen shot 2019-03-19 at 14.03.38.png
Screen shot 2019-03-19 at 14.05.12.png