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How to use the guides

The Design Quality Framework guides are easy to use. Each guide is bespoke to the each area of design. Guides can vary in length and level of detail depending upon the subject matter. Guide are structure in the following ways:


  • Introduction that puts into context of Nottingham city

  • Why we need the guide and who is it for?

Design process

Introduction that puts into context of Nottingham city

  • Appraisal process and basic rules

  • Examples designs around key themes for example:

    proportions, geometry, colour palettes, textures etc

  • Design details

    (Some guides include where appropriate process like site analysis, working with the community, considering health and well being, place making strategies and landscaping

Minimum Design Criteria

  • Minimum design criteria to meet the quality standards

  • Justification of why the criteria needs to met in Nottingham Examples


  • Examples of what works and what doesn’t work for Nottingham

  • Appraisal form and approval process

  • A simple form to help you to determine your approach

  • Explanations of the council approval process

Finding the relevant guide

As we are in a test phase, there are only three guides available at present. As we add more guides, you can search for the relevant guide here